Building a better world

Today being sustainable is not just an option, but a duty that we must all take on board, individuals, institutions and companies alike.

It means making a commitment to reduce the exploitation of our natural resources, restrict emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere and lessen the impact of our production activities on the environment.

But it also means refusing to tolerate any kind of discrimination based on gender, race or opinion, ensuring that everyone has equal rights, equal opportunities and decent working conditions.

We have always been in the front line, ready to implement practical initiatives for promoting the value of sustainability within the company and to disseminate good practices throughout the sector.

We strive to set an example of how it is possible to create development responsibly, by relying on smart technologies and systems, with full respect for the immense environmental and human heritage at our disposal.

Waste recovery

Sustainability is also about reducing raw material waste by optimizing the processes. Every year, Bulgarelli Production sends 600 quintals of paper waste for recycling; paper than can then be reintroduced into the production cycle.

A practice that helps reduce the exploitation of our resources resulting in a significant saving of virgin materials which in turn brings both economic and environmental benefits.

Reduction in energy consumption

Electricity is a precious asset that must not be wasted: the construction and technological solutions adopted for our plant help us keep consumption low, while guaranteeing the continuity of our production.

Additionally, thanks to the underfloor heating and cooling system, it is possible to keep the environments at an optimum temperature all year round, ensuring comfortable working conditions in all the departments without increasing the energy absorption.

Clean energy

Reducing energy consumption and waste is important but it’s not enough: we want to do more to promote the use of energy from renewable sources.

This is why we have planned to develop our photovoltaic system, bringing it to reach a power of 200 kW, in order to continue reducing the quantity of electricity purchased from the grid.

Waste management

All waste materials that cannot be reused or recycled are disposed of in full compliance with the current laws in force, by reliable, specialized, certified service providers.

Additionally, in every department there is a waste recycling corner to encourage all staff to correctly manage waste on a daily basis.