Freedom, rights, responsibilities

For us, people are not tools: they are individuals, each with his or her own personality, story and dignity. They all have the same rights, regardless of the position they fill within the company, their religion, gender or age.

Guaranteeing equal opportunities is our duty, as is creating safe, people-friendly workplaces, not to mention also ensuring that everyone receives fair pay and is offered the possibility to develop professionally.

We will not accept compromises, so we have obtained SA 8000 certification, an ethical management model for organizations and businesses, created to develop and protect staff by setting strict standards for working conditions.

For us, these are all founding principles, which we share with all our suppliers in the supply chain.

Working environment

A plant must not only be efficient from the production point of view: our working environments are based on a layout designed to promote staff wellbeing and make each task as easy as possible to perform.

Air conditioning is also present in the production departments and noise pollution is limited to reduce the stress of workers and allow everyone to carry out their own tasks as effectively and comfortably as possible.


All those who want to work for us must comply with our Code of Conduct and the guidelines set forth by the SA 8000 standard: we ask all our suppliers to provide a letter of commitment in which the company states that it will abide by our ethical principles and quality standards.

From then on, the supplier officially enters and becomes part of a unique supply chain, which regularly undergoes detailed checks and inspections, in line with the current legislation and standards.

Contracts, working hours and pay

Those who offer their services as employees are entitled to a salary that is fitting for the tasks they are required to perform: all employees are guaranteed a high pay level, and we always favor long-term contracts.

The working hours are structured in full compliance with the legislation in force, with a view to avoiding excessive shifts and overloading workers.

Freedom of association

Our staff is free to join trade union or workers’ organizations and so exercise their right to freedom of association and collective bargaining.

Bulgarelli Production is always willing to promote a dialog between the parties without interfering or influencing the activities in any way.